Christmas - 2016

It is the season when I look backwards with gratitude and forward with hope, joy and anticipation. I am fortunate not to feel like a footnote at age 75, but rather that I am living a wonderful zany life, dancing sometimes in a comforta-ble pair of slippers but also zip-lined at other times into an unrehearsed three-act comedy, well named MADolyn's (Studio, Tea Room, and RoseSea Bed and Breakfast).
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Spring - 2016

I usually write a newsletter in the spring (and of course at Christmas time) to all former guests.

We have had a gentle winter in most of Canada. The low amount of snowfall was in keeping with the low Canadian dollar. This may encourage our friends from the USA to visit Newfoundland in 2016.  Read more…


Christmas - 2015

Photo of a parking meter

This year’s Christmas card, with the only mobile parking meter in Rose Blanche, is symbolic of time running out and how it behooves us to feed the meter of life.

Rose Blanche and RoseSea B&B march to a very different tempo and no more so than this past summer. I missed meeting many guests in late July and August as it was important that I be in Ontario with my husband, Norman, during his heart surgery and recovery.   Read more…


Christmas - 2014

So many people took THE RIGHT TURN off the ferry to the authentic outport of Rose Blanche or came by yacht from Quebec, Rhode Island and even Kodiak, Alaska. Few were disappointed with their visit to the granite coast.  Read more…



Dear Lynne, Thank you for your lovely card which brought back happy memories of Newfoundland and especially of RoseSea Guesthouse. There was wit and wisdom in your reference to those who TAKE THE RIGHT TURN off the ferry. Those who miss the short detour to Rose Blanche really miss out. Wishing you and Norman a fulfilling 2015.

Áine Ní Chonaill - Clonakilty, Ireland